Initiated by Prof. Noe (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), the summer schools in the field of applied superconductivity are now organized by ESAS.

2017 ESAS Summer School on Superconductivity

Picture of Hills near conference venue

The 2017 ESAS School on Superconductivity took place in Lans en Vercours, France from 25-30 June 2017.

The school covered all the aspects of superconductivity from physics to large scale applications (magnets, FCL, cables, rotating machines…) through materials, cryogenics instrumentation, electrical isolation and modelling. Technical visits took place on Friday afternoon with several industrial speakers highlighting the industrial aspect of superconductivity in a constantly growing market.

This school intended not only to provide a better understanding of superconductivity in general, but also to develop links between the communities and aid networking especially for the young. All participants presented a poster, and the warm « Domaine des Girards » and a hike on the wonderful Vercors plateau followed by an evening in an Alpine restaurant.

2016 ESAS Winter School

The 2016 ESAS Winter school took place in December 12–16, 2016, at CNR-SPIN Pozzuoli, Italy. It provided stimulating lectures on the new exciting trends in advanced materials, and unconventional and topological superconductivity, which are nowadays the novel frontier of superconducting electronic.

Visits to the laboratories at the CNR SPIN Pozzuoli were also scheduled. Over 30 participants attended the school, coming from twelve different countries, including China, Japan, Russia, India and the United States.

2015 ESAS Summer School

The 2015 school tool place from the 20 – 24 July, 2015 at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. The summer school provided basic lectures on superconducting physics and important phenomena, state-of-the-art material development and a broad range of superconducting applications. Visits took place to the superconducting laboratories at the Institute of Technical Physics.

Picture of attendees

2014 ESAS Summer School

The 2014 ESAS Summer School was co-organised with the UK Institute of Physics Superconductivity Group. The school was held over 3 days starting on the 9th July at Wolfson College in the famous University city of Oxford.

Over 60 delegates attended the school from 14 different countries, delegates came from as far afield as Mexico, India and the United States.

2013 ESAS Summer Schools

The 2013 ESAS Summer School on New Trends in Superconducting Quantum Detectors took place in Genoa immediately prior to the EUCAS conference (9-13th of September).

The 2013 ESAS Summer School on Materials and Applications took place at Karlsruhe Institute
of Technology.

2012 ESAS Summer School

The 2012 ESAS summer school took place in Lans en Vercours, France and was organised by by Pascal Tixador of the University of Grenoble. A full report on the school can be viewed on the IEEE CSC Superconductivity News Forum.

Previous ESAS Summer Schools

ESAS Summer School 2009
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M. Noe (KIT/ITP) initiated a one week school about superconductivity in Karlsruhe in July 2007. A letter of intent
has been signed by FzK, Prizztech Oy/MTC, Grenoble with ESAS and Conectus as supporting partners to organize such a school every year.

The 2008 school (June 11-18) was organized by M.Paju in Pori, Finland.
The 2009 school (June 22-26) was organized by P. Tixador in Lans en Vercors near Grenoble.
The 2010 school (June 12-16) was organized by M. Noe in Karlsruhe.
The 2011 school (June 11-18) was organized by M. Paju in Turku, Finland.