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This website uses cookies where their use is technically required for the functioning of the website. Access to this webserver is logged, this information includes the IP address and DNS name of the computer making the request, some information about the requesting computer system and in some cases details of the previous page. The logged information is processed anonymously for the purposes of analysing use of the website. Logged information may be used for diagnosing technical problems. This information is not disclosed to any third parties.

Analytics Cookies

This site uses a first party analytics cookie (Google Analytics) to allow us to see how our site is used and aggregate information about our audience. This cookie is not used to track individuals between visits or for advertising, nor will it be used to attempt to identify individuals.

Data Protection

The society maintains records of its members which consist of names and professional contact details. This information is used to enable the management of the society in accordance with its statues and to allow the ESAS board to contact the membership. This information is not disclosed outside the society.

For further information please contact the secretary.