Image of Nb3Sn cable TFMC Nb3Sn conductor.
© ENEA Frascati
Superconducting CoilTFMC Coil.
© FZK Karlsruhe
Image of a light aircraft with a rear mounted boom Airborne full tensor SQUID-System
© IPHT Jena
Image of cryostat and
electronics10V-Voltage-Standard System.
© Supracon AG & IPHT Jena

ESAS brings together scientists and engineers working in applied superconductivity across both industry and academia in Europe. The society most notably organises the biennial European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS) but is also involved in a growing range of other activities aimed at promoting the field of applied superconductivity.

New Branding & Website

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve rebranded and will be launching our new website soon. Members of ESAS will receive communication using our new logo.

Call for ESAS Board Members

We are delighted to invite members of ESAS to apply to become a member of the ESAS Board. This email is the start of the election process which culminates in approval by the General Assembly at EUCAS 2021, being held online from 5-9 September 2021.

The role is important to our society and is of course a voluntary position. ESAS can only thrive with the help of volunteers who take up positions on the board and we encourage all of you to become involved. The ESAS board is charged with the management of ESAS and aims to:

strengthen the position of Applied Superconductivity, especially in Europe represent Applied Superconductivity in social, scientific, educational, industrial and political forums, and promote communication in the area of Applied Superconductivity To achieve its objectives, among other things, the ESAS board supports the organisation of conferences, workshops and schools, European research proposals and projects and the participation of young scientists in workshops and conferences, all in the area of Applied Superconductivity.

Help support and foster the Applied Superconductivity community. Apply for the position of ESAS board member.

Board members are elected for a six year term. Within that period they may apply for and fulfil the office of chairman, secretary or treasurer for a period of four years.

The board consists of a maximum of 20 members elected by the General Assembly, as well as representatives of the ASC Board, a representative of the IEEE-CSC, up to two members from Asia, two members from CONECTUS and the chairs of the previous and forthcoming EUCAS conferences.

Applicants must be proposed to the General Assembly by the board or by at least three members.

How to Apply

The elections for the position of board member are open to all members of ESAS. If you would like to apply for the position, please submit your application here by 5pm GMT on Sunday 15 August 2021.

Applications must be supported by three members of ESAS and will be reviewed by the board. Supported applications will be put to the vote during EUCAS 2021 for ratification at the General Assembly.

Not sure if you are a member of ESAS? Contact